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We Are Fighters

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Our rookie R6:S players are steadily improving themselves and reaching new heights. Although they unfortunately lost to both NeoxFoodTakes and EqualsZero esports this past sunday, their improvement in both mechanical and tactical skills is more than noticable. The matches and rounds were a lot closer and the team was even able to pull off a couple examplary clutches and plays.

NuMi 0 - 2 NeoxFoodTakes:

[Kafe Dostoyevsky ] NuMi 0 - 7 NFT

[Chalet] NuMi 4 - 7 NFT

NuMi 0 - 2 EqualsZero esports:

[Chalet] NuMi 2 - 7 EqualsZero

[Villa] NuMi 3 - 7 EqualsZero

We will keep on fighting and face any opposing team in a head-on battle.

Wish us luck on the upcoming sunday when we go against Bulls.

Wirtten by Yashuen - Division Leader Rainbow Six: Siege

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1 Comment

The Lupo
The Lupo
Mar 30, 2022

big f but keep trying my gs

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