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Blast Off

This past Sunday our Rocket League team had its competitive debut in the SEL 2 vs 2 Spring Bash. Despite being knocked down into the lower bracket in the second round of this double-elimination tournament and eliminated in the first lower bracket match, our rookie players had a lot of fun competing for the first time ever.

“It was a blast, and I would love to play in a tournament again. Our opponents were very skilled and ranked much higher than us, so we didn’t really stand a chance. But in the end, it’s about having fun.”

Dany “De Dean” Hess – Rocket League Player

Our Rocket League division is still very young and is just now starting to establish itself. This tournament gave us the needed kick and opportunity to get started and to rev up. Now that our players got their first taste of the competitive and addictive nature of esports, we will keep improving ourselves and aim for the top.

Upper Bracket:

NuMi 0 - 2 SnagaKrags

Lower Bracket:

NuMi 0 – 2 VisionGaming

NuMi Rocket League Roster:

Dany "De Dean" Hess

Noah "Nono"

Written by Yashuen - Division Leader Rainbow Six: Siege

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