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Events: Spielplan


Competition is what thrills us and keeps us playing the games we came to love so much over the years. 


Rainbow Six: Siege (PC)

Switzerlan 2022 R6 tournament

4th Place 

Our R6 team defied all expectations and made a Cinderella run all the way to the semi finals. Competitively our most succesfull and best result to date. We played against some very familiar faces and names and were able to see our improvements as a team.  This is only the beginning. 


Rocket League

SEL 2 vs 2 Spring Bash 2022

17th - 18th Place 

The debut of our Rocket League team. Despite being eliminated rather early from the tournament, our players were able to gather a lot of experience and get their first taste of the exciting and competitive nature of esports. Our Rocket League team strive to better themselves and will keep improving their skills in the future.


Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

SEL Spring Series 2022

11th - 12th Place 

The series was the first real test for our new R6:S roster. Althoug we ended up dead last in our group we can proudly call this a personal victory. We had a blast playing along side all the great teams and we were able to gather a lot of experience from it. Our R6:S players are steadily improving themselves and are ready to face every challenge in the future.


Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

Switzerlan 2021

7th - 8th Place 

Our first ever tournament and also the catalyst that kickstarted this organisation. We fought hard but the competition was fierce. We went up against top teams like mYinsanity. It was a very cool learning opportunity.

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